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What is a 504 Plan?

Many children with disabilities or special needs qualify for a 504 Plan. If your child has a physical or mental disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities, he or she may be entitled to a 504 Plan. Through a 504 Plan, the school can make modifications to the curriculum to allow a disabled student to have the same learning opportunities as a non-disabled student.

Before a 504 Plan is put into place, the team, which includes parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals meet to see if the child is eligible for a 504 Plan. Once eligibility is determined, the team discusses the modifications that the student needs. Sometimes the modifications are simple and involve moving the student to an area of the classroom where he or she will have fewer distractions. Other times, they involve procedures for a student to take a break from the classroom when he or she is feeling anxious. The 504 Plan is always custom-tailored to address a student’s needs.

504 Plans are designed to provide special needs students with the tools they need to be successful. Unlike an Individualized Education Program (IEP), 504 Plans do  not require regular progress monitoring nor do they include specific goals. Depending on your child’s needs, a 504 Plan can be the best way to help the child succeed in school.